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Official Site for O!Tree Eyewear

Cork Eyewear is the Official US Site for O!Tree Eyewear, which is originally created and made from South Korea.

The Brand

Cork Eyewear embodies third culture and purpose with influences from both South Korea and Portugal merging together to create the final product: a lightweight, hand-crafted pair of comfortable and affordable sunglasses for everyone. Each pair has a story and evokes feelings. Feelings of safety and belonging, feelings of cool confidence, feelings of optimism for our future.

When each pair of our sunglasses leave, we believe the customer connects with a bigger story. A story of connectedness and collaboration in an increasingly polarized and globalized world. We partner with organizations doing meaningful work in bringing hope and light to their spheres of influence. We give back. We encourage inclusion.

Taylor Nunez

100% Hand crafted cork temples

O! Tree Eyewear temples are 100% hand made. Combined with the skills of leather craftsmen in Japan and the techniques behind O! Tree, we put natural cork in all our glasses.


O! Tree means an exclamation “O!” and represents the oak trees from the Mediterranean Sea, in which they provide the best cork, used in each frame that O! Tree has to offer.

Cork is an ideal natural resource. Trees are not cut down, but instead peeled barks which can be used, thereby making it a natural gift.

Become a part of our team

Become a part of the Cork Eyewear team. If you’re looking for distribution or would like to wholesale our eyewear collection, please feel free to reach out to us today. We are based out of Southern California, as well as Northern California.

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