• O! Tree glasses, specifically the temples, are made from cork. Cork is from tree bark, and not the tree itself.
  • Cork is a sustainable green resource that can be obtained through harvesting rather than logging.
  • Cork is a high-quality material that is produced by hand-picking from Portugal.
  • Special techniques are required to make cork into a temple for glasses.
  • Temple work also requires elaborate handwork, only in Korea.
  • Unlike Chinese OEM products, we guarantee unrivaled quality.
  • Cork boasts excellent moisture resistance.
  • An excellent example is that cork I used to cap wine bottles.
  • If sweat or water gets onto the frames, wipe it off with a dry cloth and the moisture will be removed immediately.
  • O! Tree can be worn comfortably even for those who sweat, as well as those who wear frames in shallow water.
  • Unless you put an excessive amount of force to the glasses, it will not break.
  • Cork is very elastic because it is made of a honeycomb structure.
  • Flexibility does not make it weak.
  • O! Tree glass temples can be fitted without using heaters.
  • It is possible to do elaborate temple correction by hand.
  • Heater can be used if necessary.
  • If properly maintained, there will not be cracks or tears.
  • Due to the cork pattern, there may be products that look like cracks or tears.
  • However, this is. characteristic of natural cork, not a defect.

A/S acceptance is possible through authorized purchased store of O! Tree or directly from our website. We will decide on charged service of free service for each returned items and run tests.

Unless it is a product defect or damage from the shipping process, the products serviced may require charges.