Lighter Cork01.

Our lighter shade of cork is the most common amongst our collection. If you have a passion for daily eyewear and wear primarily prescriptions, these are extremely durable and found on most of our prescription frames.

Regular Cork02.

Very similar to the lighter shade of cork, our regular finish can be found on most of our collection. Most have found this to be very easy to wear with most colors in fashion, as well as accessories.


Dark Brown Cork03.

Our dark brown cork can be found in most of our sunglasses. By popular demand, this color combination has been fantastic with those who daily wear sunglasses. Oils and dirt are easily manageable and scratches are typically a non-issue with the temples. With a simple damp cloth, our cork is easy to keep clean.

Light cork with speckles04.

We had a special group of frames come out with a specific light cork with colored speckles. This wasn’t on most of our frames but found on certain styles only.  If this is your favorite, please feel free to email us first and see if we have any frames with them in our current inventory.


Black Cork05.

Most of our cork can be found with a brown tone, but we do carry a line of black cork. Unfortunately, the black shade isn’t in most of our frames as the colors have to be carefully created with different techniques. But we do carry the Rieti Aviator frame currently in black if that is your favorite.